Case Closed: Episode 934 – “The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (Part Two)”

This episode gives us enough of a recap so the audience can remember all the important details from the previous episode, then continues from right where the last episode ended. Conan actually pieces everything together rather early on in the episode, but we see him using his phone and voice-changing bowtie in order to get various pieces of information out to the various people who need them.

When everyone gathers for the revelation, it’s so amusing how these people are acting confused when they say someone had told them to do something. Fortunately, this doesn’t derail the proceedings. This episode sees Conan trying to give Kogoro another chance to reveal the truth without his assistance, with his reasoning that he loves horses so much because of gambling on the horse races. Unfortunately, Kogoro doesn’t get it quite right, so Conan has to rely on his usual trick of the tranquilizer dart and the voice-changing bowtie. But it has been interesting to note that Conan is trying to give Kogoro more opportunities to solve the cases on his own and isn’t necessarily jumping in as quickly as he used to.

There ends up being an explanation for the case that includes everyone that hired Kogoro for this job in the first place. I had correctly guessed that one of these people was involved, but I hadn’t figured out if the others had been part of the plan, and if so, how they were and what they did.

This was an enjoyable enough two-part mystery, and it kept my interest in the case throughout both episodes.

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