Sword Art Online: Alicization: Episode 21 – “The 32nd Knight”

This episode opens right where the previous episode ended, with Kirito and Eugeo clashing swords. This fight seemed disappointingly short. But this is due, in part, to Kirito starting to jog Eugeo’s memory.

When Eugeo goes to see Administrator, she decides to fiddle with the module. But when the module is out and Eugeo can speak, he is able to betray Administrator. Sadly, the sword that Cardinal gave to Eugeo and Kirito to take down Administrator doesn’t work because Administrator has made it so metal can’t damage her body. Darn. But knowing there are a few episodes left, I knew that there’s no way Eugeo could have succeeded here. Also, some new footage was inserted into the opening credits, and it’s clear that Administrator is going to be important in one of the remaining episodes.

Kirito and Alice join in, because it turns out Eugeo hadn’t completely followed Prime Senator Chudelkin’s orders. Speaking of Chudelkin, that guy is quite a perv. But near the end of the episode, we see there’s more to this jester-looking guy than there appears on the surface. He’s going to be the next battle that Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice are going to have to fight.

With how the story is progressing now, it appears these remaining episodes will focus on battles with Chudelkin and the final boss, Administrator. Finally, this series is getting interesting to watch. Sadly, it took almost two entire cours for it to get to this point. And if the assumption that Sword Art Online: Alicization will be taking a break during the Spring 2019 season, then the series is hitting its stride right when its about to take a break. While I say it’s “hitting its stride,” I also admit that these last few episodes are starting to feel rushed in comparison to most of the episodes that preceded them. There’s definitely a pacing issue with the series, and that’s a little frustrating to me.

Hopefully the next episode will continue to keep the momentum going, but at the same time, not feel quite as rushed.

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