Case Closed: Episode 933 – “The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (Part One)”

The story opens with Kogoro at the horse track, gambling away his money. On Ran’s orders, Conan accompanies Kogoro to keep an eye on him. While they’re at the track, they are approached by a suspicious looking guy (who appears to be in disguise) who wants to hire Kogoro for a job. Even though Conan tries to talk him out of it, Kogoro accepts. When he returns home from the track, he gets not one, but two more people wanting to hire him… for what turns out to be the same job. One of the people here also appears to be in disguise. A suspicious Conan follows the last person out of the office, and finds this person joining the other two at the cafe next door.

Kogoro accepts the same job from all three people, and it has to do with death threats against a particular racehorse. The owner of the horse meets with Kogoro and also hires him for the same job… to investigate and protect the racehorse, named White Spirits.

In this episode, Conan figures out how the three people who hired Kogoro to begin with have ties with the owner and the racehorse. However, Conan wonders why the three of them came to Kogoro in disguise. But the twist comes when, while transporting White Spirits to a commemorative race, the horse is kidnapped right out from underneath Kogoro’s nose. It turns out that the driver of the vehicle transporting the horse had kept a kidnapping of family members secret from the police, and assisting with the horsenapping would free them. At first, this sounded flimsy, but later dialogue revealed that what the driver said was actually true.

When the owner returns home, he finds a ransom note, demanding that he bring money to a certain location and to arrive alone. The police and Kogoro try to convince him to have protection, but he threatens to sue. Of course, they follow him covertly, anyway, and it turns into a scavenger hunt.

While watching the scavenger hunt portion, I couldn’t help but think that White Spirits’ owner was acting suspiciously. I’m wondering if he’s somehow in on this scheme. Perhaps I’m way off-base here, but that could be an interesting twist to this whole case. It just also seems odd that Kogoro was the one targeted for this job. Sure, he gambles on horse races a lot, but how could these people possibly know when he was going to be at the racetrack and to be in disguise on the right day? I guess the writer of the story didn’t want the audience to think about this potential plot hole?

It’s an interesting story, though, and I’m curious to see how this mystery will continue in the next episode.

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