Winners Announced for the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Awards

The Japanese government’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs has announced the winners of the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Awards.

Manga Division

Grand Prize

  • Origin by Boichi

Excellence Award

  • Space Battleship Tiramisu by Satoshi Miyakawa and Kei Itō
  • Nagi no Oitoma by Misato Konari
  • Momo to Manji (Momo and Manji) by Sawa Sakura
  • Yūgure e (Toward the Twilight) by Nazuna Saitō

New Face Award

  • Kiiroi Tenpan (Yellow Disc) by Tenshin Kijima
  • La Différence invisible (Mienai Chigai: Watashi wa Asperger) by Julie Dachez and Mademoiselle Caroline
  • Metamorphose no Engawa (The Balcony of Metamorphose) by Kaori Tsurutani

The website also listed 32 Jury Selections in the Manga Division, including Shin’ichi Sakamoto’s Innocent Rouge, Yuhki Kamatani’s Shimanami Tasogare, Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s The Blue Period., and Rui Morita’s Warera Contactee, among others.

Animation Division

Grand Prize

  • La Chute by Boris Labbé (France)

Excellence Award

  • The Girl Without Hands (Otona no Grimm Dōwa – Te o Nakushia Shōjo) by Sebastien Laudenbach (France)
  • Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan (Hisone to Masotan) TV anime by Shinji Higuchi and Hiroshi Kobayashi (Japan)
  • penguin highway anime film by Hiroyasu Ishida (Japan)
  • Okko’s Inn (Waka Okami wa Shōgakusei!) anime film by Kitaro Kousaka (Japan)

New Face Award

  • Invisible (Tōmei Ningen) short film from Modest Heroes by Akhiko Yamashita (Japan)
  • Am I a Wolf? short film by Amir Houshang Mouein (Iran)
  • The Little Ship short film by Anastasia Makhlina (Russia)

The website also listed 30 Jury Selections in the Animation Division. The Jury Selections featured 14 Japanese works, including:

  • A Place Further Than the Universe (Sora Yorimo Tōi Basho – A Story that leads to the Antarctica)
  • The Spirits of Cairn (Cairn no Kubi-tachi)
  • I want to eat your pancreas (Kimi ni Suizō o Tabetai
  • Life Ain’t Gonna Lose (Samurai Egg)
  • My Little Goat
  • Mirai
  • Fluffiction (Mofu Mofiction)
  • Mogu & Perol (Mori Mori Shima no Mogu to Perol)
  • Liz and the Blue Bird (Liz to Aoi Tori)
  • B: The Beginning
  • DEVILMAN crybaby
  • Mimi
  • Somewhere Soft
  • Water in the Cup

Source: ANN

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