FUNimation Entertainment to Introduce New Tiered Membership System in April 2019

FUNimation Entertainment has announced that it will introduce a new tiered membership subscription system that will replace its current Premium Membership program for subscribers in the United States and Canada starting on April 10, 2019.

The new membership system will have three tiers: “Premium,” Premium Plus,” and “Premium Plus Ultra.” All three tiers will allow members HD access to FunimationNow’s library of subtitled and English-dubbed anime ad-free, with both current and catalog titles.

The new “Premium” tier will cost US$5.99 per month (the same as it is now), or US$59.99 per year. The membership allows two users to stream simultaneously.

The “Premium Plus” tier costs US$7.99 per month or US$79.99 per year. The new tier allows up to five simultaneous user streams, and allows users to download episodes to Android or iOS phones or tablets. The tier also includes access to “special member only-events” in members’ areas, and offers benefits at the FUNimation Shop.

The “Premium Plus Ultra” tier is on an annual basis only for US$99.99 per year. The benefits include all the benefits of the “Premium Plus” tier, as well as an annual gift on members’ membership anniversary, two “pay-per-view” rentals each year, and free shipping on all orders from the FUNimation Shop.

Those who are existing Premium Members as of April 9, 2019 will be automatically rolled over into the Premium Plus tier membership on April 10, 2019, but at the lowered rate of US$5.99 per month instead of the normal rate of US$7.99 per month. Members will be able to keep that new lowered membership price as long as their membership stays current.

FUNimation’s current “Family & Friends” or “Power-Up” add-on options will be deleted as of April 10, 2019, and the company will discontinue those monthly charges. The company will continue to also offer its free membership as before.

Source: ANN

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