Sword Art Online: Alicization: Episode 19 – “The Seal of the Right Eye”

This episode begins by backtracking to when Kirito says he’ll tell Alice about her past, and her saying that if she detects anything false in what he says, she’ll strike him down. From here, we basically get a few lines of dialogue that condense down what we saw in the recap episode last week. So what was the point of the recap episode, if the same thing was accomplished through a few lines of dialogue? Why am I not surprised that the recap episode truly was a waste of time?

But then we get a very lengthy scene of Kirito and Alice talking. But by the end of it, Alice tries defying her orders, so we get the action of her right eye having the same error message that Eugeo had when he struck down Raios.

For the last roughly 10 minutes of the episode, we focus on Eugeo. He wakes up in the top room of the Cathedral, where Administrator sleeps. Unfortunately, Eugeo hesitates when he has a chance to take down Administrator, and she wakes up and begins manipulating him with lies. I had a bad feeling a couple of episodes ago that something bad was going to happen to Eugeo, and sure enough, I was right. And between how this episode ended and the title for the next episode, it seems my worst fear could very well be realized. With all the progression Eugeo has made as a character over this season, this development is rather disappointing. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the ideas that Administrator uses to manipulate Eugeo come out of nowhere. It’s an interesting plot development, to be sure, but something about the execution of this development just rings a little wrong to me.

Well, all I can say at this point is that it will be interesting to see how this plot development with Eugeo will continue. Will it be something I can come to accept, or will this become a potential stumbling block toward my enjoyment of the series?

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