Case Closed: Episode 932 – “The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Moji Arc)”

The episode opened with a recap that conveyed the most important information that was needed in order to remember what had happened in the previous episode, ending with the cliffhanger that had ended the last episode. But since we had already seen that Ran was in the preview, the audience knew she was going to be OK.

Ran, of course, uses her martial arts to knock out the two men chasing her and Torahiko. But she quickly learns they’re police officers. Oops! Although she didn’t know they were police officers, she still felt guilty about what happened. Considering her father’s line of work and how many police officers she’s known over the years, this reaction was realistic.

Conan calls Ran, and after a conversation, Ran and Torahiko agree to return to the office so the mystery can be solved. Conan has to use the dart and voice changing bowtie trick when Kogoro is about to give the wrong solution, and everything comes to light. It turns out that nothing was as it appeared on the surface. But Conan realizes that Ran and Torahiko are late.

We see the two of them in Torahiko’s father’s car, with something that Torahiko thought would have the evidence he needed to prove himself innocent and reveal the true culprit. However, it turns out that this item had been tampered with, and that it was actually a bomb ready to go off. There’s a tense chase that happens that wraps up the mystery portion of the episode.

And remember why Kogoro, Ran, and Conan came to this location in the first place? If you don’t, I’ll remind you: he was there to accept a Detective of the Year Award from an organization called the Japanese Detective League. It turns out that this isn’t what it appears on the surface, either. I’m not going to say more, because I don’t want to give a spoiler.

This was a good continuation of the previous episode, and for me, at least, I hadn’t figured out any part of what the truth was. There was a “red herring” being set, and I started falling for it. I was glad to see that the case wasn’t an easy one to guess the truth for, because it made for a more interesting episode. On those rare occasions where I manage to figure out the truth before it’s revealed, I find myself feeling disappointed because the mystery was too easy to solve.

An interesting note: at the end of the Crunchyroll stream, the final bits after the ending of the episode (next episode preview, next Conan’s hint, and the last little humorous dialogue to end the show) were all blacked out, so there was a black screen running for that duration of the stream. Does anybody have any idea why this would be?

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