Crunchyroll Streams The Royal Tutor Anime Film

Crunchyroll started streaming The Royal Tutor anime film on February 16, 2019 at 11:00 p.m. ET worldwide outside of Asia. The film opened in Japanese theaters on February 16, 2019.

Keisuke Ueda, Yūya Asato, Yūto Adachi, Daisuke Hirose, and Shouta Aoi all return from the anime to reprise their roles as Heine, Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, and Licht, respectively. Shōhei Hashimoto and Shōgo Sakamoto are joining the cast as Ivan Aleksandrovich Romano and Eugene Aleksandrovich Romano, respectively.

Katsuya Kikuchi returned to direct the film, and Kimiko Ueno returned for the script. Rena Okuyama returned for the animation character designs and as chief animation director. Hozumi Gōda and Keiji Inai returned as sound director and music composer, respectively.

“P4 with T” — the group composed of the voice actors for Heine and the four main princes — returned to perform the film’s ending theme song “Tomodachi Ijō x Teki Miman” (More Than Friends x Less Than Enemies). Aside from voicing Eugene, Sakamoto also returned to perform the film’s theme song “Parallel na Kankei” (Parallel Connection).

Source: ANN

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