Case Closed: Episode 931 – “The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Kokura Arc)”

Kogoro, along with Ran and Conan, travel to Kokura so Kogoro can accept a Best Detective Award. There’s time before the award ceremony, so Ran wants to go sightseeing. Kogoro tries calling an old friend of his who lives in Kokura, but the friend isn’t answering. Kogoro wants to go see him, and in the end, Ran goes sightseeing without either Kogoro or Conan.

When Kogoro and Conan go to the friend’s business, they find out that he is in the hospital, unconscious. Supposedly, he tripped and fell while walking in the parking lot. The director, who is running the company while the president is in the hospital, wants Kogoro to help him find a suspect who spray painted graffiti around the building, as well as at his home. The prime suspect is Torahiko, the president’s son. He has a previous criminal history, and it’s thought that he’s trying to scare the director. There’s a board meeting later in the day, where it will be announced that the director will be taking over the company.

Now, Kogoro and Conan are separated, because the secretary takes Kogoro elsewhere to talk to a security guard. Conan is left behind. But, the advantage here is that this gives Conan a chance to find potential clues or evidence at the scene of the crime. At one point, it appears that Conan is coming to conclusions as the secretary starts telling Kogoro things in private. But, it’s later revealed that he attached a listening device to Kogoro’s tie without him noticing. But it was a nice use of intercutting going on before the listening device was officially revealed.

Ran ends up getting involved when she runs into Torahiko while she’s sightseeing. He’s being chased by a couple of men, and he ends up using Ran to try to hide from the men. But the men find them later, and Ran is involved in the episode’s cliffhanger.

As soon as the mystery was introduced into the episode, I had a suspicion that Torahiko was being framed and that there was something suspicious about the director. But from what we see in the episode, it appears the conspiracy involves more than just the director, that others employed by the company are in on it as well. When Torahiko was being chased by the men in suits, it just added to my suspicions that Torahiko is being framed. Unfortunately, his previous criminal past plays perfectly into this.

The chance meeting between Ran and Torahiko, the children of Kogoro and his friend, is a nice touch. From the preview for the next episode, it looks like this will play an important role. It’ll be interesting to see how this story plays out in the next episode, and how the truth will be revealed. I’m also curious to see just how much I was able to guess before the answer is given by Conan (likely through knocking out Kogoro and using the voice changing bowtie).

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