Sword Art Online: Alicization: Episode 18 – “The Legendary Hero”

Overall, this episode is focused on Eugeo and his fight against the leader of the Integrity Knights. Unfortunately, their fight is interrupted twice by some kind of “info dump” (once by the Integrity Knight explaining the ability of his sword, the other is when Eugeo has a flashback of a conversation he and Kirito had with Cardinal). While knowing this information is important, it also broke up the flow of the fight. It seems that Sword Art Online: Alicization is relying on “info dumps” and throwing in occasional action scenes to break up the explanations. Sigh. I really do hope that at some point in this series’ run, the writers will stop relying on this method of storytelling.

During the fight that does happen, Eugeo is actually pretty impressive. To see Eugeo take on the leader of the Integrity Knights and appear to win was impressive. And it was a little heart-wrenching when Eugeo reminded the audience of who this Integrity Knight originally was and how Eugeo reacts to this. It finally appeared that Eugeo had his moment. But…

… then comes this weird-looking creature that almost looks like a jester. But from what the Integrity Knight says, this creature is actually a snooty noble that is powerful and has connections with Administrator. In the end, this creature takes away Eugeo’s moment… and from what the creature says, it looks like Eugeo could be in danger of becoming an Integrity Knight. Oy! Poor Eugeo! Once again, his potential shining moment is snatched away from him.

We also get a brief scene between Kirito and Alice right at the end of the episode. But from what’s said at the end of the episode, and the title that is revealed for the next episode in the preview, I suspect the episode will focus on these two characters again. And I’m going to predict that there’s going to be some kind of “info dump” taking place during it as well.


  1. Karandi · February 10

    I was also really frustrated with how this ended with Eugeo’s choice and actions being undermined by the appearance of the weird bouncing guy (and since when were such characters in SAO). Still, glad Eugeu showed us what he can do in a fight without Kirito holding his hand.

  2. Roderick J "Jay" Friz · February 11

    Exposition can be important to a plot and a characters backstory, but there’s a limit to it. There needs to be a sweet spot.

    • Lesley Aeschliman · February 11

      Normally, the type of exposition I saw in this week’s episode of SAO doesn’t bother me. But when this series has had more than one episode that was basically “info dumps” with no action, it just makes it feel worse than it really is. And now I’m reading that the next episode is going to be a recap episode… sigh,

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