Case Closed: Episode 930 – “The Woman Standing in the Window (Part Two)”

The beginning of this episode gives a brief recap leading up to the event that ended the previous episode. In this case, a brief recap was all that was really needed to communicate the essential information needed for the viewer to remember what had happened previously.

Inspector Megure and his team arrive, and they start gathering information that the Detective Boys overhear. Once Conan makes their presence known, they share what they know with the authorities.

This episode is spent learning that Saki was blackmailing people, why she was blackmailing them, and what these three characters’ secrets were. In the end, Conan pieces everything together and realizes what happens. With the help of Megure and his team, the Detective Boys corner the guilty party and reveal who murdered Saki.

Overall, I thought this episode was more interesting than the first part of the story. By learning what we do about Saki in this episode, she becomes a much more sympathetic character. I still don’t entirely buy how much Ayumi cared about Saki, considering the short amount of time she spent with her in the previous episode when Saki took her to her apartment to treat Ayumi’s skinned knee.

In the end, I thought there was an interesting idea for a story here, but I’m not entirely convinced that the execution of the story worked as well as it could have. It’s a decent enough murder mystery, but it’s not one of the stronger two-part episodes for a murder story.

I’m sorry this writeup is so brief, but I really can’t say too much more without wandering into “spoiler” territory. I don’t want to potentially ruin the revelations and surprises for viewers who haven’t seen the episode yet.

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