Dragon Ball Super: Broly Anime Film’s North American Theatrical Run Earns US$29 Million

The Box Office Mojo website has reported that the Dragon Ball Super: Broly anime film earned an estimated US$$29,101,069 in the United States and Canada from January 16-31, 2019. The site estimates the film has sold a cumulative 3,222,700 tickets in North America.

The film has earned more than US$70 million outside of the United States and Canada, including about US$34 million in Japan alone. The combined domestic and foreign total has reached an estimated US$99,142,436.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly already earned over US$7 million on 1,440 screens, including 180 IMAX and Cinemark XD screens, on its opening day on January 16, 2019, and had earned US$20,214,771 by that weekend. That total ranked the film at #3 in box office revenue (not adjusted for inflation) on the all-time chart of anime films in the United States and Canada, behind 1999’s Pokemon: The First Movie and Pokemon 2000 – The Movie. The film earned an estimated US$3,600,000 from January 25-27, 2019, making it the third all-time highest-ranking anime film in the United States in terms of estimated tickets sold, behind the two Pok√©mon films.

Source: ANN

UPDATE: FUNimation Entertainment is saying that this estimate is not up-to-date. The company last released an official box office total on January 24, 2019, when the film had screened for two weeks and earned more than US$24 million.

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