The One Liner Challenge

I want to thank Karandi for tagging me.

The Rules

  1. Accept and thank your challenger(s) by linking back to their post.
  2. Make a post of one-sentence summaries and/or roasts of at least five books/anime.
  3. No spoilers!
  4. Link back to The Awkward Book Blogger so she can see your post.
  5. Challenge as many or as little people as you want!
  6. Have fun!

Anime Described in One Line

Ranma 1/2

Young man who fell into cursed Chinese spring changes into a girl when splashed with cold water and has several fiancees and love interests.

Log Horizon

Computer game players mysteriously end up in a game world and must learn how to live and survive in their new surroundings.

Case Closed

Teen detective is administered poison that makes him younger and solves crimes as a cute kid detective.

Yowamushi Pedal

Otaku discovers he has potential talent as a bike racer and joins his high school bicycle racing team.

Sailor Moon

Klutzy teen girl becomes a hero to save Earth from the forces of evil.

Brothers Conflict

Nondescript girl is surrounded by a bunch of horny stepbrothers.

Fruits Basket

Orphan girl moves in with classmate and discovers that twelve members of the family are under a curse.

I Challenge


  1. Karandi · January 29, 2019

    Nice. I really laughed at your description of Brothers Conflict. Thanks for taking up the tag.

  2. Keiko · January 29, 2019

    Those were great! I agree with Karandi; the desription of Brothers Conflict made me laugh. Thanks for tagging me. I’ll get to it soon. 😊

  3. Irina · January 29, 2019

    I finally know what case closed is about!

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