Pop Team Epic Manga Launches “Season 4” With Boys’ Love Manga Artist Harada

The Manga Life Win website has posted a page after the announced “final” chapter of Bkub Okawa’s Pop Team Epic comedy manga. However, the page revealed that the manga is continuing with a “fourth season” drawn by Harada, an artist known for boys’ love manga such as Yata-Momo and Color Recipe. Bkub Okawa is still credited for the original work.

The site has been publishing one page a day of the “final” chapter since January 10, 2019. In the page posted on January 14, 2019, the manga’s Takeshobo editor explained to Popuko and Pipimi that their popularity has dropped since the anime ended. To prop up the manga from further declines, Takeshobo is handing Season 4 over to its boys’ love editors.

The comedy manga focuses on two 14-year-old girls, the short Popuko and the tall Pipimi.

Ōkawa launched the manga on the Manga Life Win website in 2014, and ended it in 2015. Takeshobo released the manga’s first compiled book volume in print in 2015. Ōkawa launched the “second season” in February 2016, and ended it in April 2017. Takeshobo released the second volume in June 2017. The manga started a “third season” in October 2017.

Source: ANN

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