Case Closed: Episode 928 – “The Scarlet School Trip (Red Love Arc)”

The second half of The Scarlet School Trip special continues the murder investigation. It’s actually thanks to Momiji, the girl who seems to be obsessed with Hattori, who helps crack the ciphers that have appeared in the story. With this information, as well as some information gleaned through some investigation, Shinichi is able to determine who did it. Unfortunately, there isn’t quite enough evidence to publicly say anything. He asks the Kyoto police for some help the next day, right as the effects of the medicine are wearing off.

The case is resolved the next day, and fortunately, the effects of the medicine last long enough for Shinichi to be there with Sera and Hattori as the answer is revealed. It turns out to be one of those murder mysteries where the murderer acted due to a misunderstanding, which makes the story all the more tragic.

But the murder mystery isn’t the only thing going on in this part of the special. Ran runs into Okita, the kendo guy from Kyoto who looks a lot like Shinichi and sounds like Midousuji from Yowamushi Pedal. Ran pulls him aside, and Sonoko takes a picture of them together, which she sends to Shinichi. He sees this while he’s trying to solve the case, but the image and its connotations distract him. Oh, Sonoko. But when we hear the truth behind what was being talked about, the viewer realizes that what was going on wasn’t what it seemed. While I had already figured that part out, I didn’t know what exactly the truth was behind what was going on until Ran tells Sonoko.

Near the end of the special, we finally see some kind of progress in Ran and Shinichi’s relationship. I’m not going to say what exactly happens in order to avoid spoilers, but I was nearly fangirling when I watched these scenes.

It was also interesting to learn through a phone conversation that Kazuha has with Hattori that Kazuha knows Momiji and is aware of her obsession with Hattori. This obviously had to have come out in the episodes that were never released in North America, so this wouldn’t have been a surprise to viewers who have seen the whole series or to those viewers who have read far enough into the manga. As a viewer who doesn’t fall into either category, I was glad to finally have that information.

Oh, and I can’t forget mentioning that Hattori accidentally mentions the word medicine around Sera when Shinichi is starting to have the effects wear off. They try to play it off as cold medicine, but Sera doesn’t buy it. She passes on the knowledge of the existence of such a medicine to her mother, and it seems Sera’s mission is now trying to locate the inventory of the medicine and get some. Unfortunately, neither one knows the downsides to the antidote, so as a viewer, I know they will be both be in for some major disappointment if they do succeed in getting it. I think it’s going to be interesting to see this as a plot point going forward, though.

Overall, I enjoyed this special a lot, and am glad that Crunchyroll streamed it. I’m looking forward to what Case Closed has to offer over the coming year, and I hope to see some more progression in the overarching story of the series.

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