Case Closed: Episode 927 – “The Scarlet School Trip (Bright Red Arc)”

This is the first half of the two-part school trip in Kyoto. Each part is roughly an hour long, so this week’s episode was essentially the equivalent of a double episode.

The story opens right at the beginning of the Kyoto trip, and we see that Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, Sera, and a male classmate are in the same group. Poor Shinichi gets a surprise when he learns that Sonoko told everyone in their class about his love confession to Ran in London. It was interesting to see Shinichi interacting with his high school peers, since we haven’t seen him as a high schooler in quite a while.

One thing I was curious about was how Shinichi would end up getting the medicine from Ai, and how he would hide changing back into Conan from his classmates and friends. Fortunately, this special gave us explanations for both of these questions. At the end of the last episode, Ai had made it perfectly clear that she wouldn’t give Conan the antidote so he could go on the trip. But through a flashback, not only do we get to see that scene again, we also got to see what happened afterward and what made Ai change her mind. We also saw the rules she laid out for him as the conditions he had to follow in order to get the antidote. His solution for how to hide his changing into Conan allowed Heiji Hattori to be brought into the story.

But, since this is Case Closed, a mystery would have to rear its head while they’re on their school trip. It starts with Shinichi encountering an actress who knows his mother. There’s a great line here, when Keiko Kurachi (the actress) mentions that she changed his diaper once when he was a baby. LOL! At least none of Shinichi’s friends or classmates heard this, because he never would have lived it down.

It’s through Keiko that the mystery is brought into the story. Her, along with her classmates from college (who are also celebrities), are remaking a film that they had first made as a class project in college that featured a tengu. Before the story begins, one of the friends committed suicide. Another friend, Nishiki (the scriptwriter), received a cipher with a dried paper plant leaf. Nishiki hopes that Shinichi can decipher it. Sera is also asked to get involved. Unfortunately, before the cipher can be broken, Nishiki is murdered. The police inspector from Kyoto who is brought in to investigate is someone that Conan has encountered before. He’s definitely a little eccentric, especially with the pet squirrel he has with him. But he’s a smart inspector, though, even with his eccentricities.

Unfortunately for Shinichi and the others, the mystery continues to build, with the composer seeing a tengu in his room that vanishes in front of everyone, and the murder of someone else involved with the production. Not only that, but people wearing tengu masks are running around and creating a scene near the site of the second murder.

Oh, and we also see Momiji (the girl who seems convinced that she and Hattori are going to be together) here as well, since she’s from Kyoto. Ran actually knows her, because they met previously when Ran and her father had gone to Kyoto at some point in the past.

So far, this story is interesting. While we saw a motive being set for someone to commit these crimes early on, I suspect that this is a red herring to throw the audience off. If it turns out that this person or someone involved with this person is actually behind it, I will be disappointed. I also like finally seeing Momiji actually getting involved with the main characters. In the appearances she’s made prior to this point that I’ve seen, she was always more in the background and would just make brief appearances.

I’m looking forward to seeing the conclusion to this story next week, and I hope it will be just as interesting as the first part of the special.

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