12 Days of Anime: Day 11

For today, I’m going to be focusing on manga instead of anime. In 2018, I managed to finish six manga series, and this post is going to share with you what I finished over this past year.

Black Rose Alice

In May 2018, I finally finished the Black Rose Alice manga series. At the end of it all, it was a decent enough manga series, but I wouldn’t rank it among my favorite manga. To be honest, I would only recommend this series to readers who enjoy shojo manga that features vampires, and don’t mind the fact that the series doesn’t truly have an end.

Assassination Classroom

In May 2018, I also finished the Assassination Classroom manga. This is a fantastic manga series, and I would highly recommend it to manga readers who appreciate stories with humor that evolve into something more serious as the series progresses.

Kiss of the Rose Princess

I must have been busy reading manga during May 2018, because that was also the month that I finished the Kiss of the Rose Princess series. While this isn’t a manga title that I will personally be in a hurry to read again, I think it could appeal to shojo manga readers who enjoy magical or supernatural elements in the manga stories that they read.

Say I Love You.

In July 2018, I read the final volume of Say I Love You. Overall, I enjoyed reading the series. Admittedly, it can get a little more on the saccharine side the closer it reaches its conclusion, but I found I could overlook that since I had been following these characters and had been invested in them for so long before the series took that turn. If you enjoy shojo romance manga, you might find that you enjoy Say I Love You.


In September 2018, I finished reading the final volume of xxxHoLic. Overall, this is a pretty solid series, except for the last three or four volumes. By that point, there’s time skipping going on. I understand why the time skipping is going on, but to me, it felt like the strength of the story started diminishing when the time skips began. And I admit that I’m not entirely sure if I liked the ending of the series or not. While it makes sense from what CLAMP established, I ended up feeling a little gypped.

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy

In November 2018, I read the final volume of Voice Over! Seiyu Academy. For me, personally, the concept of the main character taking on a secret identity and not revealing this to the person they’re interested in kind of reminds me of the 1980’s cartoon, Jem (except for the fact that these characters are in high school, and that there’s no holographic technology used to disguise the main character). But the relationship that develops between Senri and Hime (as Shiro) doesn’t feel forced and comes across as convincing to the reader. In some respects, the ending is predictable and maybe a little on the cliché side, but it works for the story that Minami developed over the course of the 12 volumes. But I think that adding the element of voice acting does help makes this series feel a little less like a typical high school shojo manga story.

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