Kodomo no Jikan Manga Removed From Online Store as ‘Precaution’ After Project-H Site is Banned From Shopify

The official Twitter account for Digital Manga, Inc.’s adult manga imprint Project-H has announced that its store is down because it was banned from its e-commerce platform Shopify. Shopify lists pornography as one of the prohibited businesses for its payment processor, but not for its overall service.

Project-H noted that it still has physical books available on its Amazon store, and its Secret Devil-Chan manga is available on Digital Manga’s eManga and Juné online stores, but other digital purchases are impossible for the time being.

The Kickstarter campaign for Kaworu Watashiya’s Kodomo no Jikan manga updated on the same day to say that digital copies of the manga have been removed from the eManga site, also powered by Shopify. The update noted that one of Digital Manga’s other websites is having issues (though it did not specify Project-H), so the removal is a “precaution to ensure eManga doesn’t run into the same predicament.”

The update said that the staff is not yet sure if it will be able to put Kodomo no Jikan back up for purchase or if it will stay gone indefinitely.

The Kodomo no Jikan manga is not graphically explicit or pornographic, but is notably controversial for its sexually suggestive scenes depicting young girls. North American publisher Seven Seas Entertainment had previously licensed the manga under the name Nymphet, but canceled its plans due to the content.

Source: ANNANN

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