12 Days of Anime: Day 7

A milestone I accomplished during 2018: Finally catching up on VIZ Media’s Naruto Shippuden home media releases for the series’ episodes!

Before this year, we had up to Naruto Shippuden Volume 16 in our anime home video library. I had been checking out the later volumes through the library and watching them… but we hadn’t gotten around to buying more of the sets.

In March 2018, my husband celebrated 20 years of employment at the same company. As a gift, he was given a large number of points that could be used to purchase items on Amazon. With the points he had, he decided he would use them to purchase Naruto Shippuden sets, specifically Volumes 17-33 (33 was the most recent one released at the time he made his purchase). So we had the joy of watching through all of these sets. Unfortunately, it took longer than we had hoped, due in large part to the fact that my husband fell ill for several days with what turned out to be a combination of pneumonia and the flu (which left us unable to watch anime for several nights).

For Mother’s Day this year, I got several Naruto items… one of which was Naruto Shippuden Volume 34. We bought Volume 35 around the time it came out. At the time of this writing (late November 2018), Volume 36 is supposed to be released in the next few days. I suspect my husband and I will be placing an order at Amazon for it in the not-too-distant future.

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