Sword Art Online: Alicization: Episode 11 – “Central Cathedral”

This ended up being an episode that was focused more on exposition than on action. I could say there was some action right at the very beginning, when Alice takes Eugeo and Kirito into custody for violating the Taboo Index, and right near the end, when the two of them escape from their cell and encounter an Integrity Knight. Outside of that, the emphasis was more on “info dumping” or characters talking things out.

The “info dumping” primarily happened in the brief section of the episode that takes place in the real world at Ocean Turtle, where Asuna is watching over Kirito. She wishes she could dive into the Underground and save him. But the “info dumping” happens when Asuna encounters a robot and learns from Higa and Suguha about this robot, as well as another one that we don’t get to see. These robots actually have some kind of a tie-in with the Alicization project, but neither one is ready for the role it’s supposed to play.

There was also a scene on Ocean Turtle where Asuna passes by two male scientists, and reacts to one of them as if she somehow recognizes him or something. But this remains a mystery to the viewer, because when Suguha asks what’s wrong, Asuna says it’s nothing. There must be something important here that I either am not remembering from earlier in the series, or it’s something that will be explained later. Even though we got a couple of scenes with Asuna, it’s disappointing that she really didn’t get to do anything. I really hope she will become more important to the story as the series progresses.

And in the game world, Kirito and Eugeo spend time talking about Alice and theorizing over why she seems to not remember Eugeo before they escape. And even after they successfully escape from the cell, they spend some more time talking about things, especially after they notice a bunch of roses (which don’t seem to be common in the world the game is set in).

But with the way the episode ends, it appears there’s a set up for some action to start off the next episode. The Integrity Knight that Eugeo and Kirito encounter is ready to mete out punishment, but these two obviously aren’t going to take the punishment without a fight. I expect that a fight will be taking place at the beginning of the next episode, but who knows how much time it will end up taking in the episode?

Hopefully next week’s episode will be more exciting. While the information that’s imparted is important, and the theories being brought up need to be addressed, this episode as a whole was on the boring side. Boring is not a word I normally use in connection with Sword Art Online, but this week’s episode needs to have that word attached to it.

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One comment

  1. Karandi · December 16, 2018

    I’m with you. Normally Sword Art Online is fun to watch but this last episode was just bloated and a little dull. I’m really hoping they step things up soon because they’ve had more than enough time to set the story in motion at this point.

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