Sazae-san Anime to Get a One-Hour New Year’s Special

Fuji TV has announced that it will air a one-hour New Year’s special for the Sazae-san anime series on January 6, 2019. The special is celebrating the start of the anime’s 50th anniversary in 2019. The special will air four mini episodes titled “Isono-ke no Kaiun Ryokō: Chichibu wo Iku” (A Trip of Better Fortune for the Isono Family: Going to Chichibu), “Otoshidama wa Tsurai yo” (New Years Gifts are Painful), “Mikan Kobanashi” (A Short Story about Mikan Oranges), and “Eiga no Okazu-tachi” (The Movie of Okazu and Friends).

“Isono-ke no Kaiun Ryokō: Chichibu wo Iku” will focus on the Isono family going to Chichibu Shrine for a first shrine visit of the new year, where Katsuo receives a paper fortune that has an unusual message when soaked in water.

The anime adaptation of Machiko Hasegawa’s family life manga Sazae-san began airing in October 1969. The anime is usually the highest ranked animated series in Japan each week. In 2013, the show was awarded the Guinness World Record for longest-running animated television series.

Source: ANN

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