Case Closed: Episode 925 – “The Heartfelt Strap (Part One)”

Hooray! We’re finally back into a canon storyline!

Conan gets his phone repaired by Professor Agasa, and discovers that he has 17 new messages. They all appear to be from Ran to Shinichi about the upcoming class trip to Kyoto. One of them explicitly says Ran signed Shinichi up to be part of her group for the trip.

Conan talks to Ai about getting some of the antidote that allows him to temporarily be Shinichi so he can go on the trip, and she says no. What I appreciated about this sequence is that we got some flashbacks of other times that Conan used the temporary antidote, because these are from episodes that have never been legally available in North America before, because they fall in the period between when FUNimation discontinued bringing new episodes over and when Crunchyroll got the license to simulcast Case Closed. And one of the flashbacks specifically mentions that if Conan uses the antidote too much, his body will become accustomed to it, which will shorten the amount of time it will work. I’m glad to see that this explanation was made at some point in the series, because the question would then arise as to why Conan doesn’t simply keep taking the prototype antidote in order to be Shinichi full time.

While Conan, Ai, and the other Detective Boys are at a soccer game, they get to see Higa, the soccer player that Ai has a major crush on. He’s sidelined right now due to an injury, but he was wandering the stands. He sees a Higa cell phone strap that Ai has, and he holds it and admires it. So not only does this have a significance for Ai, but this is the last one that was available. When they head home on the train, it has to stop suddenly, which causes everyone to fall over. In the process, the strap comes off of Ai’s phone, and Mitsuhiko accidentally activates his phone to record video. But with the video, they can see what happened to Ai’s cell phone strap, and the mystery to retrieve the strap begins. Amuro is brought in to assist, and we see someone in the shadows following them. But before Amuro becomes the assisting adult, we get a great interaction scene between Amuro and Subaru. As you watch the scene, you can just feel the tension in their interaction.

But since the main purpose of this episode and the next one is to lead up to the two forthcoming one-hour specials about the high school trip to Kyoto, this particular mystery is meant to get Conan onto Ai’s good side, so she will ultimately give him the antidote so he can go along on the trip as Shinichi. It’s going to be interesting to see how the mystery is solved, and seeing how exactly Ai is persuaded to allow Conan to take the temporary antidote after she was so against him having it.

Hopefully, Crunchyroll will simulcast the two one-hour specials, especially since they are simulcasting the episodes leading up to it.

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