And the 12 Days of Anime have begun in the aniblogging sphere. I’m doing a series of “12 Days of Anime” posts this year, but I didn’t put my name on the official spreadsheet, because I’m not entirely sure if what I’m doing is what the person organizing this intended for this to be. I’m doing it so I can try my hand at participating in something like this.

This week’s list of links will have a separate section for “12 Days of Anime” posts that caught my interest. I won’t be highlighting all of the posts by all of the bloggers that I follow, but I will include those that really interested me. This week’s list for this will be on the short side, since “12 Days of Anime” just launched today.

There’s also plenty of non-“12 Days of Anime” blog posts out there as well, and these are the ones that caught my eye this week:

And these are the “12 Days of Anime” blog posts that caught my attention this week: