Bluefin Opens Pre-Orders for Unique 3D Puzzle Kits Featuring Iconic Characters From Studio Ghibili Films

Bluefin has announced a collection of innovative 3D puzzles commemorating beloved characters from a variety of Studio Ghibli anime films.

Scheduled for retail release in Spring, 2019, the puzzle kits include:

  • “My Neighbor Totoro” Totoro & Acorn Set
  • “My Neighbor Totoro” Totoro Character Set
  • “Kiki’s Delivery Service” Jiji Cat Set
  • “Spirited Away” No Face Set
  • “Princess Mononoke” Kodama Tree Spirit Set

The kits are manufactured by the Japanese puzzle company, Ensky, and will be available in the Spring of 2019 from authorized Bluefin retailers nationwide. Pre-orders are available now. These are the first 3D puzzles for popular licensed anime brands to be offered to domestic customers by Bluefin.

Established in 1985 and considered a national treasure of Japan, Studio Ghibli was founded by the visionary director Hayao Miyazaki and is a legendary animation film studio renowned for full-length feature film classics including My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and the Academy Award-winning Spirited Away. These films have been acclaimed by legions of fans and critics internationally.

“My Neighbor Totoro” Totoro & Acorn Mini 3D Puzzle · MSRP $12.00 each
Create Totoro in his Acorn with this fun and easy to assemble three-dimensional puzzle that combines various shaped puzzle pieces. Completed puzzle is approximately 2½-inches high; 1¾-inches wide. After completion, it can be disassembled and reconstructed again. Makes a unique interior décor item. Puzzle set includes 14 pieces.

“My Neighbor Totoro” Totoro Big 3D Puzzle · MSRP $25.00 each
Fans are invited to build the beloved character from the acclaimed Studio Ghibli movie. 3D puzzle set includes 25 pieces. The completed puzzle stands approximately 4-inches high.

“Kiki’s Delivery Service” Jiji Cat Mini 3D Puzzle · MSRP $12.00 each
Construct a whimsical 3D rendition of Jiji in a sitting pose. The completed puzzle features a moveable head. Puzzle set includes 10 pieces. Figure stands approximately 2½-inches high.

“Spirited Away” No Face Mini 3D Puzzle · MSRP $12.00 each
This memorable character from the iconic Studio Ghibli film is available as a 3D puzzle kit. Puzzle set includes 10 pieces. Completed figure stands approximately 2½-inches high.

“Princess Mononoke” Kodama Tree Spirit Mini 3D Puzzle · MSRP $12.00 each
The whimsical Tree Spirit from the memorable Studio Ghibli film is available as a 3D puzzle kit. Puzzle set includes 9 pieces. The completed figure stands approximately 2½-inches high and makes a unique addition to any collector’s Princess Mononoke collection.

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