Case Closed: Episode 924 – “The Sun Sets Over Tangerine Fields”

This episode sees Conan, Ran, and Sonoko going to a tangerine farm to harvest tangerines. The farm is owned by a cranky older man, his wife, and their son. As the three of them spend time on the farm, Conan overhears conversations about interactions between the family and plans to sell the farm. The first act ends with the farm owner falling off of his transport monorail and dying.

The first half of the episode is spent establishing the family and the dynamics, and the second half focuses on trying to piece together the truth behind what happened. Not surprisingly, Conan pieces everything together before Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi. However, since Kogoro isn’t around, he has to knock out Sonoko and pretend to be her with the voice changing bowtie in order to impart the information the police need to know in order to crack the case.

Since there were only two suspects, the viewer has a 50-50 chance of figuring out which one is guilty. In this case, I had a feeling which one it was, because I thought the other one just seemed to be too easy of an answer. I guessed correctly, but I hadn’t figured out all of this character’s motives before the truth was revealed.

Overall, this was a decent enough filler story murder mystery. But from the preview, I see that the next episode will see Case Closed finally returning to the canon storyline from the manga. The day before writing this, I learned that there’s going to be two one-hour specials in January 2019 that will cover a class trip to Kyoto, which covers chapters 1,000 to 1,005 in the manga. The preview for the next episode makes it clear that it’s going to be the first part of a lead-in story to the specials. I’m hoping that Crunchyroll will get the rights to simulcast the specials.

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