Sword Art Online: Alicization: Episode 9 – “Nobleman’s Responsibilities”

This episode puts a bit of focus on Humbert, one of the conceited swordsman-in-training that Kirito and Eugeo keep having run-ins with. We see Humbert and his friend, Raios, taunting Eugeo at the beginning of the episode, and it ends up with Humbert and Eugeo having a sword duel. The match ends in a draw, much to Humbert’s dismay and displeasure. Both he and Raios utilize their conceit for their strength for sword fighting, so ending a duel in a draw with a commoner like Eugeo really bruises his pride.

Kirito and Eugeo have some time in the forest with their pages during their Day of Rest. We get to learn a little more about Tiese, Eugeo’s page, and how the system works for the nobles in this world. We also learn that her roommate is Humbert’s page, and he is giving her orders that are questionable in nature, but don’t blatantly violate either the school rules or the Taboo Index. I already thought Humbert was a major jerk before, but hearing about what he was having his female page do just made me dislike him even more. It was interesting to see Kirito trying to put forth the idea of morality to the characters from this world, since this is a concept that they have never encountered before. Kirito’s page seems to pick up on and understand some of what Kirito is imparting. I have a feeling that this isn’t going to be just some fleeting instance that happens in this scene. My guess is that this will end up having ramifications on this game world and the foundation on which it was built. We won’t see this right away, of course, but I feel confident that over the course of the series, we will start seeing these ramifications having an effect.

We get to see Kirito and Eugeo confronting Humbert and Raios about what they heard about from Tiese. Since this doesn’t outright violate either the school rules or the Taboo Index, neither of these “villains” understand that this is a violation of personal morality. In the end, all Eugeo can do is say that if he hears that these violations continue, he will inform the instructors and ask them to open an inquiry. I have a bad feeling that Humbert will do something else in retaliation in order to get back at Eugeo.

There’s a scene right at the end between Tiese and Eugeo, where Tiese explains what will happen to her after she graduates. One of the things is that she will be assigned a husband, and she is afraid they’ll end up being someone like Humbert. She makes it clear that if Eugeo can do well in a major tournament, he might be able to become a nobleman. If he does, she hopes he can be her husband. Eugeo is only in this in order to rescue Alice, he’s not looking for a title. But this development introduces a new wrinkle to the story for Eugeo.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the story will evolve, especially in regards to Humbert, Raios, and Tiese.

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One comment

  1. Karandi · December 2, 2018

    I did like this episode as it definitely helped develop Eugeo as a character and some more about the world and how the rules work in this world. There were a lot of interesting ideas and hopefully they go somewhere with them. Either way, I’m interested in seeing where Eugeo goes from here.

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