Hakusensha’s New Harem Magazine Announces Debut Titles

This year’s 23rd issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine has announced most of the starting lineup for Hakusensha’s new Harem magazine. The new digital magazine focusing on erotic and ecchi titles will have 11 works and 302 pages in its debut issue on November 29, 2018.

The magazine will include the following spinoff titles:

  • Kono Ai wa, Itan. spin-off manga Kono Ai wa, Itan. -Belial Bunsho- (Belial Document) by Ena Moriyama
  • Futari H spin-off manga Futari H Another by Aki Katsu
  • Nana to Kaoru spin-off manga Nana to Kaoru ~Kōkōsei no SM Gokko~ (High Schoolers’ S&M Make-Believe) by Ryuta Amazume
  • Usotsuki Paradox spin-off manga Usotsuki Paradox -Shanai Fūki no Midashikata- (How to Spot In-house Discipline) by Akira Kiduki and Nanki Satō<>/li>

Kuromaru will launch a new manga titled Kudakeru Purin (Smashed Custard), while Haruki will launch a new manga titled Arakusa Ninpōjō (Arakusa Ninja Arts Book).

The magazine also announced two titles from new creators: Adashino Fujii will launch Echika yo, Kiss to Chire and Mitsugu Kuromoto will launch Suki na Hito ga Shitekurenai Kara.

Harem was originally scheduled to launch in September 2018.

Source: ANN

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