Case Closed: Episode 921 – “The Murderous Carpool”

The episode opens with Kogoro’s car being towed by a vehicle that has three researchers and their professors carpooling in it. Oh, and Ran and Conan are riding in the vehicle with these characters as well. The professor is drunk and sleeping, and Conan overhears some ominous dialogue from one of the researchers.

When they stop at a convenience store so the researchers can buy some supplies, and Kogoro and the others can wait for roadside assistance, it’s discovered that the professor has been strangled by the strap of his old fashioned flip phone. Kogoro pronounces him dead at the scene, and he tells Ran to call the police. Conan discovers something that becomes a clue in the professor’s killing.

Guess what? Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi arrive on the scene of yet another murder called in by Ran. I was actually surprised to not hear Megure make some kind of comment about the fact that Kogoro and Conan are at yet the scene of another crime (this has actually become more common in the more recent episodes of Case Closed).

Conan basically figures out who the culprit is and how they accomplished the murder by the end of the first half. The second half sees him using his stun gun watch and voice changing bowtie in order to reveal the truth behind the murder. As the explanation is made and we see various flashbacks of things that were said or done during the episode, I realized that the writer of this script had actually laid all of the clues rather blatantly throughout the episode. With some of the dialogue early in the episode, the writer tried to make it seem like one particular researcher was the culprit, but if you paid attention to other things that were said or done, then it was quickly obvious who the culprit had to be. However, the trick that was used wasn’t nearly as obvious, so that at least made this a little more of an interesting viewing experience.

This was definitely a filler episode, and it wasn’t too bad for what it was, even if the culprit could be discerned so easily. Unfortunately, it appears the next episode is also going to be a filler. But it won’t just be a filler episode, it’s going to be one that features the Detective Boys. I don’t have high hopes.

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