Case Closed: Episode 920 – “The High School Girl Trio’s Secret Café (Part Two)”

The episode opened with a lengthy recap, but it needed to be that long in order to help the audience remember what had happened leading up to where the story starts in this episode.

For a lot of the episode, Sera seems to be the one figuring out how the murder was committed and what tricks were used to make the situation appear to be different than it really was. However, it’s actually Conan who figures out who the culprit is.

It was very amusing to see Conan so worked up over Ran, Sera, and Sonoko’s upcoming trip. It was amusing, but this aspect of the story ultimately allowed Sera to play a more important role in solving the case. Unfortunately, Sera is a character we don’t get to see as often as I wish we could, due to how many of the more recent episodes appear to be filler material. Sera only seems to appear in the stories that are canon from the original manga source material.

Overall, this two-parter was much more in line with a typical Case Closed mystery, except for the fact that Sera was ultimately more important than Conan for this case.

While I was glad to see that this is a canon storyline, I wish it had been a canon storyline to help progress the mystery of the identity of the leader of the Black Organization. At this point, we appear to have three potential people of interest, and it would be nice to start getting a little more information on these particular characters. I really don’t recall seeing them in any of the images in the opening theme, though, so I’m afraid that this particular overarching mystery may be taking a back seat for the immediate future.

The preview for the next episode shows that it’s going to be a single episode focusing on a murder mystery, so it’s more than likely that this next mystery may be a filler story. Oh well. At least it looks more promising than the recent episode featuring the Detective Boys and the two annoying female police officers.

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