Case Closed: Episode 919 – “The High School Girl Trio’s Secret Café (Part One)”

The episode opens with Conan overhearing Ran sounding excited while having a phone conversation. This isn’t typical for her, so he’s suspicious. When Kogoro comes home and says he’s hungry and wants Ran to fix lunch, she tells him there’s food he can heat up and heads out. Both Kogoro and Conan are curious as to what’s going on, so they follow Ran.

The scenes of them following Ran are actually kind of amusing, especially when Kogoro suspects that Ran is setting up a trip to get together with Shinichi, and starts complaining about “that detective kid that’s always missing.” Conan’s facial expressions and dialogue reactions are quite humorous, since Kogoro has no idea that Conan is actually Shinichi. As Conan, Shinichi has the opportunities to find out what people really think about him, since most of the cast doesn’t know that Conan and Shinichi are the same person.

Ran eventually goes to a cafe, and Kogoro and Conan end up staying to eat. Since their backs are to Ran, and Ran is too preoccupied with that she’s doing, she doesn’t notice that they’re there. Sonoko and Sera join Ran at the cafe, and they start talking about a trip they want to take to Kyoto. When Ran wonders if they’ll run into Okita, the fencer from Kyoto who had a prominent appearance in a recent episode, Conan becomes jealous.

While this is going on, a waiter at the cafe ends up coming across as a creeper. A chef for another cafe has a beef with this waiter, who apparently is a food blogger, and claims the waiter nearly destroyed his business. The waiter also hits on one of the waitresses, and he somehow knows a secret about her that he tries to use to blackmail her into becoming his girlfriend. Like I said, a real creeper.

A little later in the episode, the manager notices that one of the heavy vases at the front of the store is missing, and she sends the waitress to look for it. When she goes into the changing room, she lets out a scream. Around the same time, Sonoko realizes that Kogoro and Conan are there, and a confrontation happens. Ran makes a comment about the Kyoto trip not being an ordinary trip, and Conan is puzzled. But before anything more can be said, they hear the waitress’ scream. When the cast hears the scream, they all run to the changing room. The heavy vase is on the floor, the waiter is knocked out, the padlock to the waiter’s locker has been broken open, and the waitress is trying to revive the waiter. Sera quickly discovers that the waiter is dead, and Ran calls the police.

As the police investigate, Conan is seen deep in thought. But when Kogoro and Sera ask him his thoughts, we discover that he has no clue as to what’s going on. Now, I don’t know if Conan is stumped because what clues they have don’t tell him anything, or if he’s too distracted by the mystery surrounding Ran’s trip. As a viewer, I can say that I really don’t have any idea who could be behind this murder. On the one hand, the waitress and the chef from the other cafe have motives, but neither one seems to be capable of swinging the vase around to kill the waiter. It’s going to be interesting to see how this case is solved, and who ultimately solves it. As of right now, it looks like it may be Sera, rather than Conan, who will end up cracking the case. But the situation could change in the next episode, so I can’t wait to see how this story is resolved.

And I’m just grateful that this is a much better episode than last week’s.

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