Case Closed: Episode 918 – “The Mini-Patrol Car Police’s Big Chase”

This episode focuses on the two kind of ditzy female cops, Yumi and Naeko. They’re out on patrol in their mini-patrol car, and are stopped by Conan, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko. Genta has been kidnapped, and the vehicle he’s in has driven by Yumi and Naeko. The three Detective Boys get into the patrol car, and the chase is underway.

While Conan uses his tracking glasses to locate Genta’s communicator in order to follow the vehicle, he also shares things he saw the kidnappers do and snippets of conversations that he overheard before Genta’s kidnapping. From what he relays, it sounds like the kidnappers are doing something illegal, but it turns out they have misconstrued a code.

The one thing that was frustrating about this case is that it’s said that Genta knows too much about what’s going on, and that is why he was kidnapped. But we never get to see a flashback that shows the audience exactly what happened that led the kidnappers to believe that Genta knows what he supposedly knows. This is a case where the “show, don’t tell” advice would have helped to strengthen this story somewhat.

In the end, this was not one of the better Case Closed episodes that I have seen. I suspect this is a filler episode, because it doesn’t have the tone that I would expect from Case Closed creator Gosho Aoyama. And it almost feels like this was written because the writers were like, “You know, we haven’t seen Yumi and Naeko in a while. Let’s write a story that will feature them as characters.”

Unfortunately, most filler stories that feature the Detective Boys tend to not be as strong as other episodes of the series. And then throw in the fact that Yumi and Naeko, who have never been strong characters to begin with, are featured in this story, and it’s a recipe for a weaker episode.

Oh well. At least the preview for the next episode makes that story look more promising.

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