Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 12 – “Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall”

This episode is basically setting up the Scouts’ upcoming mission to retake Wall Maria. While this sounds like not much is happening, there’s actually some important information being shared, as well as reminding the audience of the dreams of the younger versions of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa.

The contents of the box that Kenny had given to Levi a few episodes back is touched upon here, and those currently in power trying to decide what to do with it. It’s ultimately decided to have Levi keep it, and make the decision as to when to use it and on whom.

Speaking of Levi, he tries to get Erwin to stay out of the upcoming operation, since Erwin is now an injured soldier. But since Erwin feels that whatever may be in Eren’s basement may prove his father right, Erwin insists on going. It was interesting to see how, in Levi’s own way, just how passionate he was to try to keep Erwin off the mission. OK, maybe threatening to break someone’s legs isn’t exactly the most humane way to express your concern for someone’s well-being, but that works for Levi’s character. But no matter how much Levi tries to argue, Erwin insists on leading the upcoming mission.

The most entertaining part of the episode takes place at a feast the night before the Scouts leave on the mission. They are actually provided meat, which has become a rarity in the world that they’re inhabiting. A major ruckus breaks out, with Sasha trying to inhale a whole piece of meat without sharing. It was amusing to see Conny trying to hold Sasha back, and how Sasha reacts to Jean taking the meat out of her hands.

After that quiets down, Jean decides to pick on Eren, and this starts yet another ruckus, with the two of them coming to blows in a fist fight. But the funny thing is, no one tries to stop them. Not even Mikasa. Hell, in one shot, we see her smiling in the background as she watches the fight unfold. But what I really liked was how Levi brought this fight to an end. I have to say, that after how mopey and down Eren had been recently, it was nice to see him have a little bit of spunk. I don’t want to see him returning to his old, annoying self, but at least he’s not acting quite so emo anymore.

Right near the end, we discover that the townspeople have learned of the Scouts’ mission, and they are there cheering them on. The Scouts have never gotten this kind of a reaction from the people before, and we see Erwin taking this in and seizing the opportunity to bask in it and use this response from the people to inspire the other Scouts.

As I was watching the ending credits, something strange happened. About partway through, we see the image stutter, then a bunch of images flashing in a row. The credits continue, and then the image stutters again. But this time, it cuts to a scene of something we haven’t seen before in the anime. At the risk of providing a spoiler, I will say that this brief scene that appears in the ending credits is foreshadowing something that will be happening in the story in the near future. Since the ending credits were changed in this way, there was no preview for the next episode.

With this little foreshadowing that took place during the ending credits, I’m very curious to see how the next episode is handled.

EDITED TO ADD: I was just browsing through Anime News Network, and it appears we won’t be seeing more of Attack on Titan Season 3 until April of 2019. So I guess we’ll be waiting about six months to find out what happens next!

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