Izumi Matsumoto Plans to Resume Work Activities

Izumi Matsumoto has posted on his blog on the Comic-On website that he plans to resume activities after more than two years of fighting against his illness. He added that he thinks he can also start posting on his blog again, and asked fans for their support.

Matsumoto had revealed on his blog in August 2016 that he had a relapse of cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia (depleted cerebrospinal fluid) at the end of April 2016 after he hit his head when someone knocked him over while rushing to catch a train, and he was bedridden for three months. Matsumoto began hospital treatment for the condition in August 2016. Digital Manga Inc. then stated in November 2016 that Matsumoto’s condition was “growing worse,” and that he experienced seizures regularly.

He stated in 2016 that the blue light emitted by LED screens worsened the condition, so he had been unable to use his computer or smartphone, and could not check his emails. He had asked a friend to check his messages while he was being treated.

Matsumoto previously gave up drawing manga in 1999 due to the same illness, but did not receive the right diagnosis until 2004. He returned to work in Fall 2005 after treatment.

Source: ANN

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