FUNimation Entertainment is now offering the first season of the Time Bokan 24 anime for digital purchase on Amazon. The first 23 episodes of the 24-episode show are available with Japanese audio. At this point, there has been nothing said by FUNimation as to why only 23 out of 24 episodes are available.

The story is described as:

The history in our textbooks are all wrong? In the 24th century, humankind accomplished the invention of a time machine, “Time Bokan.” As they discover the truth about history, they realize that the history written in their textbooks are all wrong. To correct their knowledge of history, the government developed an organization called JKK (Space-time Administrative Bureau). Our hero Tokio is recruited by Karen, a girl from the future to join the JKK. Together they travel through time to discover the true history, along with fighting the “Akudarma,” a villainous group whose goal is to prevent the discovery of the truth.

The first season of Time Bokan 24 premiered in October 2016, and Crunchyroll simulcast the series as it aired in Japan.

FUNimation offers several shows — such as Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!!, Sound! Euphonium, and Hitori no Shita – the outcast — as digital purchases only, and has not released these titles on home video or via its FunimationNow streaming service.

Source: ANN