Case Closed: Episode 915 – “High School Girl Detective Suzuki Sonoko”

This episode opens with Ran, Conan, and Sonoko at a park, stargazing. Apparently, Sonoko thought the Milky Way was the name of a cafe… but after Ran explained what it was, Sonoko insisted on stargazing. But she brought a pair of binoculars with her instead of a telescope. But that pair of binoculars is very important to the plot, because while Sonoko is standing on top of a slide, she sees someone lift a hand of a corpse in a flowerbed and take a ring off of one of its fingers.

When they go to find the flowerbed, Sonoko and the others find one… but it’s not the right one. But at the one they find, they meet the owner of a mannequin shop and one of his assistants. From talking with the owner, it’s learned that his neighbor, a friend of his, has the exact same flowerbed on the roof of his building. Fortunately, he has a spare key for his neighbor’s building, which he uses to grant Sonoko and the others access to it after getting permission from the owner. During a phone conversation, it’s revealed that the friend’s wife didn’t call as she said she would.

At this point, the viewer feels pretty confident that the friend’s wife has been murdered, but still not knowing who killed her and why. It ends up being through an accidental incident that takes place later in the episode after Sonoko and the others part ways, where Sonoko starts figuring out what happened.

Around the same time, Conan also figures out what the truth is. As he tells Ran what he’s figured out, we also see Sonoko going back to the scene of the crime and giving us the action of this portion of the episode. I thought this was a great way to incorporate Conan into the solution. To be honest, for most of the episode, Conan doesn’t really do a whole lot. He’s basically there to pick up on one or two clues that everyone else misses, and this is what ultimately causes him to figure out what happened.

It’s very obvious that this is a filler episode, which is made very evident by Conan’s reduced role in the story. I have to admit that when I saw the preview for this episode last week, I was expecting a bit worse than what we ended up getting. While I admit that this isn’t one of the better episodes of Case Closed, I really can’t say that it’s bad or the worst one I’ve ever seen. The preview for the next episode says it’s the first part of a multiple-part episode, so I’m hoping the next story will be a lot closer to what viewers expect from Case Closed, and have a much stronger focus on Conan.

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