Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 10 – “Friends”

At the end of the previous episode, we saw Levi approaching Kenny, and the revelation that Kenny has swiped a Titan injection from Rod Reiss’ bag during the earlier chaos.

This episode opens by backtracking to Levi being alerted that Kenny has been located. A lot of the episode focuses on Kenny remembering his past, and these flashbacks give important backstory for both Kenny and Levi. We also see that the relationship Kenny had with the Reiss family wasn’t just a shallow business relationship, as well as why Kenny had hoped to acquire the power of the Founding Titan. By the end, I ended feeling a little bit of sympathy toward Kenny.

We then see the scene that we saw at the end of the previous episode, and then it goes on for a little longer than we had originally seen before. Levi gets a major revelation from Kenny here, which catches him off-guard. Viewers had a hint to this revelation from one of Kenny’s flashbacks in an earlier episode, so perceptive viewers probably already figured out what this was before Kenny vocalized it. For me, I already knew what this was from reading this section of the manga.

This episode also shows Historia being crowned queen, and how receptive the people are to her ascension to the throne. There was a great scene after the coronation, where Historia punches Levi and dares him to hit her back now that she’s queen. This was a great light hearted moment, especially after having an episode that had a much heavier tone because of Kenny’s flashback.

But there was also a nice surprise for the audience at the end of the episode: Reiner and Bertoldt finally make an appearance for the first time this season. Not only that, we also got to see the human that is the Beast Titan. Even though I’ve read this portion of the manga already, I still found myself wondering when we would see Reiner and Bertoldt again.

Overall, this was a good episode that filled in some major backstory for two characters. While there was only one plot point that truly progressed the story (Historia’s coronation), this was still an important episode. From the preview for the next episode, it looks like the story will be starting to progress some more again.

One comment

  1. Literary Lion · September 24

    I loved the Levi punch, and his smile after was so pure.

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