Case Closed: Episode 914 – “Conan Kidnapped (Part Two)”

This episode starts out with a lengthy recap to help the viewer get back up to speed with what transpired in the previous episode. This was immediately followed by the opening credits. When all was said it done, the story didn’t continue until almost six minutes into the episode. But enough important events happened in the previous episode that the recap needed to be as long as it was in order to remind the viewer of the important details and hints that were revealed.

Conan is actually reunited with Kogoro and the police at a hospital early on, and he provides what information he learned while he was with Takatori, the jewel thief. Ran also comes by to see how Conan is doing. But after Kogoro and Megure leave, Conan decides that he needs to find Takatori before he kills the person who betrayed him… so he lies to Ran and tells her he’s thirsty and needs a drink. While she’s gone, Conan busts himself out of the hospital and uses the one clue he has about where Takatori could be headed. But I do want to say there that it’s made clear both at this point in the episode and at the end, Conan is very sorry and remorseful for tricking Ran like he did.

When Conan goes to the location that was his last clue, he stumbles onto the apartment of Takatori’s accomplice, who had fallen down a chimney and died after trying to kill Takatori. Conan discovers a body inside this apartment, and at first thinks he’s too late. He finds a couple of clues, then goes out to the balcony to investigate some more. Unfortunately, Takatori shows up and locks him out of the apartment.

The rest of the episode sees Conan escaping the predicament and getting what information he has learned to Kogoro. Detective Chiba also comes to the apartment right after Conan gets away, and is able to corroborate what Conan told Kogoro. The episode then sees all the players converging into one location, cornering the suspects, and revealing the truth about the case.

Overall, this was a good two part episode. There were enough twists to the case that it wasn’t until late in the second part where the viewer finally has enough information to potentially figure out the truth. I say this, because this is when I finally had enough information to figure out someone who was involved with the overall crimes. I didn’t figure out the motive at that point, but I did figure out the person. And Conan also found himself in a couple of near life-and-death situations, which helped to raise the tension and keep the viewer interested in what was going on.

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