Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 9 – “Ruler of the Walls”

The focus of the vast majority of this episode is on the Titan form of Rod Reiss approaching one of the northern cities. Unfortunately, the soldiers in the north have no experience fighting Titans, and the troops they have gathered have kind of been thrown together. So, of course, when all is said and done, it’s really up to the Scouts to take care of the threat that Rod Reiss’ Titan form presents.

Eren is once again berating himself mentally for his behavior and attitude leading up to this point, especially after seeing Historia standing up for herself when talking with Erwin. He realizes that he’s weak, rather than strong, like he believed he was. It gets to a point where Eren is literally beating himself up with his fists over how he acted before. But at least with the physical blows he gave to himself, he seems to finally be moving on from this regret and finding a different mindset that will hopefully be of benefit to the human race.

Once again in this episode, Historia shows just how much she’s grown as a character. Although I am little disappointed in her, because even though she’s found her agency, she seems to be deciding to go with the flow and accept the role that Erwin and the others in the military expect from her.

But this episode did finally provide a decent Titan battle and some of the action that Attack on Titan is known for. The ending of the battle was rather fitting, and I’m glad to see who got to make the final blow.

Right near the end of the episode, Levi finds Kenny, who appears to be on the brink of death. The final shot is quite interesting, though, because it shows something that Kenny has in his possession that the audience wouldn’t have expected to see.

From the preview for the next episode, it appears we’ll be getting backstory for Kenny. We’ve only gotten brief snippets of backstory for him earlier in the season, so hopefully the next episode will finally fill in a lot of information about Kenny.

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