Case Closed: Episode 913 – “Conan Kidnapped (Part One)”

The episode opens with Inspector Megure and his team confronting a known jewel thief. It turns out that Kogoro is also there, in his sleeping pose and starting to explain how it was known that this thief and his accomplice had been behind a recent jewel theft. But before Conan, who’s hiding nearby and using the voice changing bowtie, can finish the explanation, the thief causes a distraction. The blast wakes up Kogoro, and Conan bumps into the thief as Conan is trying to slip out unseen. Unfortunately, when he collides with the robber, Conan falls backward; in the process, his watch breaks, and his cell phone and Detective Boys communicator falls out of his pocket. The thief takes Conan hostage, and flees in a car.

It’s interesting to note that Megure and the others on the police force was shocked to see Conan when he’s forced out of his hiding place. This tells me that he somehow must have snuck in while Kogoro and the police weren’t looking. We don’t get to see what led up to the police confronting the thief, so the audience ultimately has to try to fill in some of the blanks with their own ideas of how this confrontation came to be, and how each of the players arrived on the scene.

The remainder of the episode sees Kogoro and Inspector Megure trying to find clues about the jewel heist and where the thief and Conan are, and Conan and the thief as he travels to various destinations. Even though Conan is bound, he tries to give the thief advice on how to avoid the police. At one point, Conan tries to escape, but where he escapes to, there’s no one to help and no public phone. So, he’s captured by the thief, and their journey continues.

Conan, of course, can’t help being inquisitive, since that’s in his nature. But for him, his questions and comments almost cause him to be killed by the thief. Luckily, a shot that was fired was a warning shot, but still… that was a really close call, Conan.

But Conan and the thief have some very interesting interactions, and it came across to me that while the thief may act gruff and tough, he appears to have some kind of a soft spot for Conan. While he threatens to hurt Conan, he never actually does. The thief does something unexpected right at the end of the episode, and I think the next part will see Conan somehow reunite with Kogoro and Megure. With this reunion, I expect that the pieces of information that Conan has gathered will be communicated to the police, and that they will use that in addition to what they have found in order to crack the case and bring the mystery to a close.

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