Information on the Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai Anime

Director Tsutomu Mizushima and scriptwriter Michiko Yokote have announced their new original anime project as Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai (Kotobuki – The Wasteland Squadron). The project will be a television anime premiering in January 2019.

The anime’s story will center on the Kotobuki Squadron, a squadron of beautiful ace pilots. The anime will focus on action and aerial dogfights.

The cast includes:

  • Sayumi Suzushiro is Kirie
  • Eri Yukimura is Enma
  • Sayaka Nakaya is Kate
  • Asami Seto is Leona
  • Hibiku Yamamura is Zara
  • Miyu Tomita is Chika

Mizushima serves as both the director and sound director for the anime, with Yokote credited for series scripts. Hidari drew the original character designs, and Shou Sugai is adapting those designs for animation. Shiroh Hamaguchi is composing the music.

Mizushima stated on his Twitter account that the anime will be a hybrid of 3D CG and 2D animation, and that he has been working on the anime for a number of years.

Source: ANN

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