Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 8 – “Outside the Walls of Orvud District”

Hoo boy… Rod Reiss took on more than he could handle, huh? While other humans who have become Titans seemed like they were able to retain some of their humanity, Rod seems to have lost it. But it does seem like he has taken on the powers of one of the biggest and strongest Titans we’ve seen, so that would probably explain it.

While Eren’s pitiful wailing made me feel for him in the previous episode, he was starting to sound more whiny this time around. It was refreshing to see Historia, in addition to Mikasa, lecturing him over this. But even with this scolding, Eren seems to have developed a martyr complex. At least Historia disabused him of that notion by the end of the episode!

Speaking of Historia, I was so happy to see her find her own agency and finally starting to figure out who she is. Sadly, though, it appears this is going to be short-lived, because the military want her to take on a role of their choosing. Historia just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to that, can she? At the beginning of the series, she’s forced to go by Christa and be in the military in order to hide the fact that she’s Rod Reiss’ illegitimate daughter. Just an episode or two ago, after being reunited with Rod, he tries to force her to become a Titan and eat Eren, and putting her in a role of his making to benefit himself. But now that she’s free from Rod and finding herself, the military wants to take that away. You know what’s interesting, though? Even though I already knew this was coming from reading the manga, I found myself more frustrated by this turn of events than I did when I read it in the manga. I don’t know if that’s because I already knew it was coming, or if seeing it in an animated format rather than through static images makes it feel more compelling.

I was kind of amused at one point, when Levi’s squad is talking about finally having a way to plug the hole in Wall Maria so they can get to Eren’s basement. Sasha makes a comment along the lines of, “Oh, that really is important?” LOL! I think she’s giving a voice to viewers what that line. Going to Eren’s basement was referenced all the way back in the first season, and nothing more has ever come of it. Was the basement even referenced in the second season? I honestly can’t remember. But Sasha’s reaction to the basement here was priceless.

Seeing the preview for the next episode, it appears that we could be in for some more action, especially with Titans. While we did see Eren turn into a Titan and get a power-up that allowed him to help his friends, it’s still not quite along the lines of the Titan battles that previous seasons were known for. But at least we’re finally seeing Titans again, after going like seven episodes without seeing any. Considering the series is titled, Attack on Titan, one would expect to see Titans. LOL! Not that what we’ve seen is bad or anything, because I’ve appreciated how these episodes have given much needed backstory and world building for the series, but it’s just a little odd to not see Titans in a series with “Titans” in the title.

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