Case Closed: Episode 912 – “The Detective Boys Become Models”

The episode opens with Ran getting a phone call from Detective Takagi, telling her that Conan may have been a witness to a murder. Of course, Ran, Kogoro, and Conan are confused, but everything is made clear when they join Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi at the crime scene.

An artist has been murdered, and in his studio is a painting that includes Conan and three of the Detective Boys (Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko). I realized just now that Ai is missing, and that the episode never explained why she wasn’t with the others. It just seems off that Ai wouldn’t be there without any explanation. It turns out that one of the artist’s assistants was at a park where Conan and the others were at, and they were asked to model for him. Conan is impressed to see that the painting is already finished.

It turns out that there are four potential suspects for the murderer, and they all provide alibis. The housekeeper is the only one whose alibi is confirmed quickly. It seems like the assistant who painted the picture has a solid alibi, but Detective Takagi takes Conan and the other three to the location where the painting was done to try to confirm the alibi.

While this it going on, it’s determined that the artist’s wife and his other assistant had lied about their alibis. As this is being determined, Takagi and the Detective Boys try to determine whether or not the painter’s alibi is truly legit.

Pretty early on in the episode, I was guessing that a suspect who seemed to have a solid alibi was somehow guilty. However, I had no clue how this suspect could have manipulated evidence to make their alibi seem to be legit. Once the truth was determined and revealed, it proved that my initial guess for the guilty party was correct.

I have to admit that when I saw that this was a story that featured the Detective Boys and had the title of, “The Detective Boys Become Models,” I was expecting this to not be one of the better episodes of the series. Let’s be honest, the majority of the episodes that focus on the Detective Boys tend to be the weaker ones in the series. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. While I can’t say it’s a strong episode for the series, I can say that it’s one of the best that I’ve seen that features the Detective Boys.

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