Contents Announced for the First TezuComi Tribute Magazine

The Micro Magazine Publishing Company has revealed the contents for the upcoming first issue of its TezuComi magazine, a tribute to the work of manga artist Osamu Tezuka.

The magazine will include the following tribute manga by Japanese artists:

  • “Search and Destroy” (based on Dororo) by Atsushi Kaneko
  • “Shinyaku Ribbon no Kishi” (based on Princess Knight/Ribbon no Kishi) by Bureidō (pen name for Mikado Muramasa, Robo Miyamoto, and Toshikiri Hamamura)
  • “Ayako” (based on the manga Ayako, but spelled differently) by Kubukurin
  • “Ohno! Mamoru-kun” (based on Ambassador Magma) by Kotobuki Shiriagari
  • “Chokotto Dracula” (based on Don Dracula) by Enokids
  • “Toraware no Eden Prime Rose” (based on Prime Rose) by Sōichirō
  • “Wada Radio no Hi no Tori” (based on Phoenix/Hi no Tori) by Radio Wada
  • “Osamu no Kuni no Alice” (Alice in Osamu Land) by Kentarō Ueno
  • “Guruguru Gyūn” by Arusen Shimure

Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa will also contribute a comic titled “Princess Knight,” while American writer Joe Kelly is collaborating with Spanish artist Ken Niimura for “Heartless,” based on Black Jack.

In addition, the magazine will publish the prose story “Aoi Ribbon to Gin no Kami” (Blue Ribbon and Silver Hair) by writer Fū Furuse and Ringo Takanashi. Livedoor founder Takafumi Horie will contribute an essay titled “Manga no Kamisama ga Oshietekureta Koto.” (Things the God of Manga Taught Me), and Rumiko Tezuka, the daughter of Osamu Tezuka, will contribute a conversation column.

Finally, the magazine will include selections from Tezuka’s original work, including The Phoenix: Chapter of Ho-o, Atom Konjaku Monogatarishū, and Black Jack.

The first issue will ship in Japan on October 5, 2018. The magazine celebrates the 90th anniversary since the pioneering manga creator Osamu Tezuka’s birth in 1928. It will run monthly for 18 issues.

Source: ANN

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