Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 7 – “Wish”

The first notable thing about this episode is the fact that this one probably has the most action in an episode since the first one of this season. Right at first, it seems that Levi and the Scouts have the upper hand, but once Kenny gets involved, that advantage seems to disappear. But there’s a good fight sequence between Levi and Kenny here. We also see characters like Jean, who have been reluctant to use force against other humans, finally finding the ability to do so. Not that that’s necessarily anything to celebrate, though.

There’s also very important plot progression involving Historia, Rod Reiss, and Eren. Thanks to Kenny, Eren is finally ungagged in this episode, and this is the first time we’ve actually heard him speak for several episodes. But instead of the angry and cocky young man he had been prior to his capture, he is sad and remorseful over what his father did to the Reiss family and feels guilty even though Eren didn’t have anything to do with what happened directly. I can easily say that this is the most humble that Eren has been in the series up to this point.

This episode also reveals just how much of a jerk Rod Reiss is, and we also get to see a major change in character for Historia. I wish I can say more about Historia’s change… but if I do, I’ll provide spoilers for viewers who haven’t had a chance to watch this episode yet. At the end of this episode, though, I found myself thinking, “You go, girl!” Even though I already knew this would happen from reading the manga, it was awesome to see this sequence animated.

What happens at the end serves as a major cliffhanger, and from what I remember from the manga, there should be some action and excitement resulting from this cliffhanger.

So I was checking something earlier, and it appears that this season will have 24 episodes. Depending on the pacing, we might catch up to where I’ve read through the manga by the end of 24 episodes. I’m very interested to see just how far into the manga’s story that this season is able to go.

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