Case Closed: Episode 911 – “The Job Request From Inspector Megure”

The episode sees Inspector Megure going to the Mori Detective Agency and begging for Kogoro’s help on a case. At first, it seems like a rather open and shut murder case. But right before the suspect is to be prosecuted, several things happen, such as an eyewitness claiming he lied and the suspect himself declaring right before the deadline that he has an alibi… that he committed a burglary an hour away on the same night. Because of this distance of the two locations, it should make it impossible for him to have committed both crimes.

But Megure knows that the suspect is guilty, but both he and his team have hit dead ends on how the suspect could have committed both crimes on the same night. He hopes that Kogoro will be able to become the “Sleeping Kogoro” and solve this case.

Even though Conan is also there, it turns out that suggestions that Kogoro comes up with or that Conan thinks could be possible are shot down by Megure with additional information he hadn’t relayed earlier. There’s a bit of comedy here when it comes to Kogoro, and we get to see both Megure and Conan facepalm during some of his suggestions. Poor Inspector Megure, you can tell that he’s starting to regret asking Kogoro for help in the first place.

But, as viewers of Case Closed have come to expect, Conan finally comes up with the thought or idea that provides the final piece of information that’s needed. And yes, we get to see Conan use his tranquilizer dart and voice-changing bowtie to create the “Sleeping Kogoro” and solve the case.

As I watched, I was trying to figure out the answer as well. I definitely didn’t figure out the whole answer, but I did at least figure out one small section of it. In other words, this isn’t a mystery that the viewer can piece together for themselves very easily. It’s cases like this that make Case Closed enjoyable for viewers. Fortunately, there haven’t been terribly many episodes I’ve personally seen in this series where the case was easy to solve before Conan deducts everything at the end of the episode.

Yes, this wasn’t a case that did anything to progress the overarching story, but it was still kind of fun. It was amusing to see even Conan getting stumped there for a while until he got the final pieces of information he needed in order to figure out the real truth of the case.

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