Momoko Sakura’s GJ8 Man Anime Goes on Hiatus Until October 2018 After Her Passing

The official website for the net anime adaptation of the late manga creator Momoko Sakura’s GJ8 Man character has announced that the anime’s 23rd episode has been delayed from September 8, 2018. The “GJ8 Man ni Kiitemiyō” program has also been delayed from August 28, 2018. The newspaper Sports Hochi reported that episode 23 is delayed until October 8, 2018.

After visiting Gujō Hachiman for research, Sakura decided to create the GJ8 Man character due to her love for the city. The anime’s story follows Joe Gorō, a boy who lives a carefree life in the small city of Gujō Hachiman in Gifu Prefecture. One day an old self-professed “water fairy” appears in front of Joe. He tells him to help people and grants Joe the power to turn into “GJ8 Man” (a pun on Gujō Hachiman, as the number 8 is pronounced “hachi” in Japanese, and the “hachi” in “Hachiman” uses the kanji for the number 8).

The anime has been debuting an episode with English subtitles on the eighth of almost every month since October 2016. The anime’s second season premiered in November 2017.

Source: ANN

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