Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 4 – “Trust”

This episode actually sees a couple of characters from the first season reappear: Hitch and Marlo from the Interior Police. For those who don’t remember, these two served with Annie Leonhart when she was part of the Interior Police. These two are part of a group assigned to hunt down the Scouts because they are supposedly responsible for the murder of Reeves. When these two are ultimately captured by Levi and a couple of the other Scouts, it’s confirmed that the truth about Annie being a Titan has been a closely guarded secret, since her former comrades had no clue about it. During a scene where Jean is interrogating Hitch and Marlo, he shows he has the potential to be an actor. You almost believe he’s as crazed as he tries to make himself out to be.

The Interior Police also play a role in the storyline involving Flegel Reeves, the son of the murdered man. Unfortunately, they realize that he witnessed the murder and they’re trying to take him out to keep the truth from being revealed. But after being saved by Hange and getting some “tough love,” we see Flegel change from a scared man to someone with some resolve.

Once again, Levi shows just how talented he is at torture when interrogating prisoners. The Interior Police are involved here, too, since it’s one of their men that Levi is interrogating. Kenny’s last name is revealed during this interrogation, and it turns out even Levi didn’t know it. But his last name is rather interesting, since it’s the same as one of the other characters.

This episode definitely paints the Interior Police in a really bad light. It’s made crystal clear just how corrupt they really are, and how they are not to be trusted.

However, we do get one section not focused on the Interior Police… and that’s the storyline about Erwin. Right near the end of the episode, it’s known that the plan is to execute him, and it ends with Erwin being brought before the king and asked what his last words are. But the episode cuts to the “To Be Continued” screen before Erwin can say anything. I thought this was an effective cliffhanger.

Probably the biggest disappointment for me is the fact that we didn’t see Eren or Historia at all in this episode. Their names get mentioned when Levi is interrogating the prisoner from the Interior Police, but Levi keeps calling Historia by her previous name, Christa. Hopefully we’ll see what’s going on with these two characters in the next episode.

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