Case Closed: Episode 910 – “Mystery of the Burning Tent (Part Two)”

The episode had a lengthy recap to help the audience catch up with what happened in the previous episode, but it needed to be that long. Not only did it set up the mystery and the important happenings involved with it, but it also reminded the audience of the interactions between Kuroda and Wakasa-sensei.

Once the episode itself gets going, it starts out with Conan picking up on potential clues from Kuroda and the investigators. But in the middle of this, Wakasa-sensei is showing the other kids how to make a balancing acorn contraption. While it seems random, Conan realizes that his teacher is giving him a very important clue as to how an illusion that was seen before the fire actually happened.

I was a little nervous when Conan was demonstrating the trick that was used to the investigators, because of how dangerous it could have gotten if it went out of control. Of course, Conan would be depicted as being careful when demonstrating this, but I still thought that if this had been happening in real life, that it could have been risky.

The culprit is revealed, and in my opinion, it ended up being someone that wouldn’t have been the most obvious choice. But after seeing what happens after the guilty party is revealed, I think it works. And I’m glad to see it wasn’t as simple as the culprit being the most obvious choice.

Wakasa-sensei does something rather interesting after the culprit goes berserk. I can’t decide if she really does have an evil streak in her, or if she was just putting on an act to distract the culprit. But it was interesting to see that at the end of the episode, when Conan points something out to Ai about Wakasa-sensei, she tells Conan she likes their teacher and to not badmouth her. This is pretty big, since Ai had been concerned in the previous episode when she realized something about Wakasa-sensei’s right eye.

A thought that hit me at the end of this episode is that we didn’t see Wakasa-sensei utilizing her klutz act at any point in this two part episode. Has she decided to drop this act around Conan and the Detective Boys, or did she just not need to utilize it at all during this story? It’ll be interesting to see how her character is portrayed as she makes future appearances in the series.

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