Case Closed: Episode 909 – “Mystery of the Burning Tent (Part One)”

Finally, a canon storyline to help progress the overarching story! YAY!

At the beginning of the episode, we see Managing Officer Kuroda looking at two newspaper articles on his laptop: one about the nearly 20-year-old shogi murder case, the other about Wakasa-sensei taking down the professional golfer in the case where her neighbor was murdered. He is interrupted by Shiratori, who comments that Kuroda hasn’t used any vacation time, and lets him know about Wakasa and the Detective Boys going to a new campground. Kuroda is very intrigued when he hears that Wakasa will be there. Kuroda also makes it clear through what he says that he’s interested in “Sleeping Kogoro’s advisor” (aka Conan).

The scene changes to the campground, where the Detective Boys have finished pitching their tent. As they go to gather firewood, Conan is remembering the murder case involving Wakasa’s neighbor, and he brings up something that was seen briefly in that episode. In that episode, Conan had found a convenience store receipt, but the audience wasn’t clued in as to what he saw on it and why it piqued his interest. That is finally revealed during this scene. Conan ends up deducing that the cases where Wakasa was involved appeared to have events leading up to them that would force him to become involved… which makes him think that Wakasa is interested in him for some reason.

Wakasa and the kids befriend three members of a college basketball team and their manager, who are camping right next to them. During a discussion, one of the players attacks another one for knocking into him at one point and almost causing him to lose his vision and get a glass eye. When Ai and Wakasa hear this, they both react in a surprised, almost fearful, manner. Wakasa tries to hide her reaction more, but Conan picks up on it. He also picks up on something about Wakasa that he hadn’t realized before, and it’s intriguing. I have a feeling she has some kind of a connection to the Black Organization, although what exactly that connection is, I don’t have a clue.

Basically, one of the guys has a bit of a snit and says he’s going to go to his tent, have a snack, and then go to bed. While the basketball group and Conan’s group enjoy curry together, that guy’s tent catches on fire. The two groups put the fire out, but it’s too late… he is burned to death.

It’s revealed that Kuroda is in the tent next to the one that burned, and there’s interesting interactions between him and Wakasa. While Wakasa tries to make it seem like she has no knowledge of him, I have a feeling that these two have some kind of a history. The tenseness in their interactions are not something that would come about from meeting someone for the first time.

Kuroda takes charge of the investigation, and calls the guy in charge of the arson division. Conan comes over and points a couple of things out, and Kuroda learns that Conan has advised the arson guy on another case. Kuroda even uses the phrase “Sleeping Kogoro’s advisor” when talking about Conan with the guy from the arson division. I’ve gotten the feeling that Kuroda may at least have some vague idea about Conan not being what he appears to be, which is why he would be so interested. But his interest in Wakasa is still a mystery at this point. By the end of the episode, evidence is found that seems to suggest that this could actually be a murder case.

It looks like the next episode will be focusing on the investigation into what caused the tent to burn. It’ll be interesting to see what else might possibly be revealed that helps to progress the overarching story.

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