Digital Manga, Inc. Listed as Suspended by the Secretary of State in California

Anime News Network is reporting that the Digital Manga, Inc. company has been suspended by the California Secretary of State as of December 29, 2017. The suspended status is current as of May 2, 2018. Anime News Network has reached out to Digital Manga, Inc. several times for comment, but has not heard back from the company.

Businesses usually have this status for failing to turn in Statements of Information, which are required by California law every year for domestic stock companies. The company’s most recent Statement of Information was filed on April 8, 2015. Only one other Statement of Information, from 2011, is on file. The documents Anime News Network received from the California Secretary of State confirm that this is the reason for the company’s suspension.

A suspension entails that the business entity’s powers, rights, and privileges — including the right to use the entity’s name in California — are suspended. The suspension may be lifted by filing the required Statement of Information.

Digital Manga, Inc. registered as a business in California on April 1, 1996. Its publishing imprints include DMP Books (general audience manga), Juné (yaoi), 801 Media (adult yaoi), and Project-H (hentai), among others. The company recently merged its ebook retail website eManga with its physical book retail website Akadot.

The company has recently faced complaints over four stalled Kickstarter campaigns. Digital Manga, Inc. president Hikaru Sasahara issued a statement in March 2018 apologizing for the delay on the Kickstarter campaigns. Sasahara promised that backers will see all rewards “slowly but steadily.”

The company announced on June 5, 2018 that it would begin shipping rewards for the Kimagure Orange Road Kickstarter a week later, starting with lower tiers and working its way up to higher tiers. Digital Manga, Inc. stated on its Kodomo no Jikan Kickstarter on June 9, 2018 that it will “make faster progress” once it has completed shipping on the Kimagure Orange Road rewards. The company posted similar status updates in June 2018 for its Wonder 3 and other manga and Delico Psyche yaoi titles Kickstarters.

Source: ANN

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